About Dronlife




Dronlife S.L, an IFFE Group company, has born on 2014, as a result of the union between the teamwork Innova, composed by four students of the High School of Design in Ferrol, and the Business Group IFFE.

This was an initiative to promote the project with the same name.

According to the World Transplant Registry, approximately 112,000 people save their lives thanks to a transplant every year. Despite all the effort, the patients´ number on the waiting list is steadily growing.

The transplantation process begins when somewhere in the world someone donates an organ; then it is quickly implemented a protocol to deliver the donated organ to someone who needs it.

Depending on the distance between the donor and the receiver, it is decided to transport the organ by car, airplane, ambulance or helicopter.


The whole process is a race against time in which the organs can suffer damages that make them useless (since the time that an organ can be preserved outside the body is very limited) and all the alterations will take effect once the transplant is done.

Dronlife is an integral service that allows the organs´ transport for transplantation, from the donor medical center to the receiver one, in the shortest period of time and as efficiently as possible, maintaining the organs´ integrity and reducing the rejection´s chance.

This proposal consists of a drone that is coupled to a fridge that allows organs´ maintenance, so that they can endure longer periods of time outside the body with less risk of damage.

Dronlife goes a step further in the medical system, saving more lives.


3rd place in the world in contest “Drones for Good”. Dubai, 2015.


Acknowledgment of the Madrid Autonomous Community to the best civil application of drones.


Award “Carlos Margarit to the Scientific Work”. Given by the “Federation of Liver-Transplanted Patients”.


Award “Galicians of the Year”. Given by the newspaper “El Correo Gallego”.